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August Amore Info

Sign ups start August 1st and end on August 31st, 2022.  


To sign up, you can contact Alassra (xalassrax) or Ash Sullivan (tiptonik) in world OR you can complete our online questionnaire form here.


Once you sign up, you will be sent the relevant question/answer portion from other participants that meet your specifications.


If you see any that you would like to meet with, then you will contact Alassra or Ash and we will arrange either a 1 hour dinner date OR a 30 minute meet & greet with the other party.  


There is a 1000L$ fee for the 1 hour dinner date or a 750L$ fee for the 30 minute meet & greet option.


This fee is due immediately once you request the meeting be arranged.  No Refunds will be made unless we are unable to arrange a suitable meeting time for you and the other party!  


It's that easy!  No fee unless you see someone you want to meet!  No risk!  This gives you the opportunity to meet people, and possibly find the match you are missing in SL!


Sign up today!


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